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Eat - Sea - Do

Cozumel, situated 12 miles off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula at Playa del Carmen, offers many activities in addition to its excellent diving. Exceptional snorkeling, deep sea fishing, sailing, horse back riding, bird watching, parasailing, Island tours, Mayan ruins, golf and more.

The east coast of Cozumel has several restaurants, bars, beautiful white sand beaches and the vast Caribbean Sea.

We are always available to answer questions, or offer suggestions on things to do or places to eat.

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How to Get Here

Cozumel has a great airport with United, American, US Airways, Frontier Airlines, Sun Country, Air Canada, West Jet, Southwest, Frontier, Spirit, and Volaris.

Folks can also come into Cancun and get to Playa del Carmen and then take the ferry. Check the websites below for schedules and ticket information:





Playa Palancar (Also mentioned in the “Sea” section below) There are always plenty of places to sit, so grab a couple of lounge chairs and an umbrella (they’ll be free if you order something to eat and/or drink) and relax. Don’t be surprised if a peacock strolls by. There are a few that live at Playa Palancar.

There is a bar/restaurant and wait service, so order all the cold cervezas, margaritas, fish tacos, guacamole and ceviche that your heart desires. Facilities include changing rooms, bathrooms, an outdoor shower, massages and three little shacks for souvenir shopping. Be sure to bring cash because the bar/restaurant and shops don’t accept credit cards.

Santa Rosa Wall – One of Cozumel’s “Signature Dives”

This is a nice wall with quite a few nice swim throughs. Santa Rosa Wall is not too far from San Miguel so it is easy for the dive boats to get to it. It does get a lot of diver traffic, so try to plan your dive accordingly. This Wall makes a nice afternoon dive, when most of the divers have gone elsewhere.

You can go deep on this wall, well over 100′, and check out some areas that don’t get many divers. The wall is steep and rugged — you feel like you are flying along a cliff. Be sure to look up under the huge overhangs for the giant Dr. Seuss like sponges.

Mr. Sanchos Beach Club – From romantic days to fun for kids, Mr. Santos has something for everyone. Located in the south side of the Island, just 15 minutes driving from the two main cruise piers. Over 1,500 feet of white sandy beach in Cozumel Island, exclusive for you and your family to enjoy the turquoise blue Caribbean Sea. Really a perfect place for a sunny beach and a fun day in a fantastic atmosphere while you visit Cozumel.

Columbia Reef – A reef with a little bit of everything

Sometimes called Columbia Regular, this site lies between Columbia Deep and Columbia Shallows. Divers can go through multiple swim throughs or swim next to high walls. The current is not too bad in between the formations. This is a nice dive for coral formations and for seeing big animals and colorful little creatures.

You get a little of everything on this dive. You can choose nice deep swim throughs, wall diving, and at the top of the reef, you see healthy coral and sponges and plenty of fish.

Discover Mexico – Also mentioned in the “Do” section.

Learn about Mexican culture and traditions at Discover Mexico; includes workshops on chocolate and alebrije (the tiny colorful iconic Mexican toys) making.

Paso del Cedral Reef – A mile of sloping hills covered in sponges and coral; includes many types of fish and turtles.

Paso De Cedral is a great place to take photographs. You can find many large schools of grunts, porkfish and snappers near ledges. Large parrotfish, Turtles and large Black Groupers cruise the reef slopes and are common.

Keep a close eye out for the shy Slender Filefish in the rope sponges. There are also some Scorpionfish here and there.

Paradise Beach

Cozumel Mexico’s best beach for having fun in the sun or taking a break in the shade.